After three years of local impact Restart Network came to an end in May 2019. Read our story in our Impact Report

about restart network

Our Vision

Restart Network's vision is that we are not born with a talent, that human potential is not fixed. We believe every major European community can build a stage where people willing to transform their lives are given the opportunity to build their potential. We foster in our people a profound drive and commitment to lead positive change in Europe.

Our Mission

Restart Network's mission is to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the tech industry through a model we call the Crowdsourced School: connecting a community to build people together. Students from refugee, low-income, and minority in tech backgrounds embark on an intense one-year journey and start a career in the tech industry, where their help is needed.

Our Worldview

At Restart Network we celebrate diversity.
We foster the growth of a united, positive, and resilient community.
We believe in people, and in their potential to affect meaningful change.

Our Values, Culture and Work Mindset


We believe practicing gratitude every day fosters positivity and increases happiness. We make a habit to write down what we are grateful for.


We give respect both to ourselves through self-care and integrity, and to the people around us. We treat people like they are precious, even those we disagree with.


We constantly work to help each other grow, and that requires us to better understand each other and see the world through other people's eyes.

Idea Meritocracy

We promote an open culture where the best ideas win out arguments in front of seniority and tenure, we document the mental models behind our actions. We assess success on objective criteria.

Radical Transparency

We believe in radical openness, where people do not filter thoughts and are direct in sharing these thoughts with anyone. We give almost everyone access to see mostly everything.

Extreme Ownership

Each person on team owns everything in their world and blames no one else. It's the humility to admit and own mistakes and develop a plan to overcome them to succeed.

Move Fast

We design purposefully small teams that strive to move fast and are goal driven. We focus on our wildly important goals, and automate, delegate, or outsource any task non-critical to our mission.

Raise the Bar

We have a permanent Beta mindset: we are never done improving our work and building something better. We expect to improve with each iteration and we never lower the bar.

Experiment Onward

Quality comes from quantity. We set up systematic experiments to see what works and what doesn't. Every day there are dozens of experiments running with metrics being captured.

Our People
Melissa Ablett
Member of the Board
Job Nijs
Member of the Board
Nick Yap
Member of the Board
Teodor Cataniciu
Core Team
President & Founder
Frederick Rustler
Core Team
Head of Admissions & Founder
Eseyas Abraha
Core Team
Program Director
Alexandru Iosup
Professor of Computer Science, TU Delft
Advisory Chair for Education
Johan de Boer
Partner at Greyt
Special Advisor for Finance and Budget
Samer Abdelnour
Assistant Professor, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Advisory Chair for Social Enterprise
Marie José Van Den Boomgaard
Liaison Manager Startups, KPN New Business
Advisory Chair for Corporate Relations
Our Not-for-Profit Policy

Download our complete Policy Plan →

As included in Article 3 of the statutes the organization has the goal to improve the well-being and welfare of people, eliminate barriers between people and technology and democratise opportunity through technology, connect people through technology, and raise, administer as well as provide funds to accomplish these goals.

The foundation attempts to reach these goals by initiating, organizing, guiding and supporting educational activities in the field of Information Technology (such as classes, courses, and workshops), establishing and fostering the connection between participants of educational activities and companies from the Information Technology industry, and with third parties as long as they may be appropriate and meaningful for the foundation.

Restart Network does not aim to make a profit as defined in Article 3 (2) in the statutes. The proceeds resulting from activities are used solely to accomplish the statutory goals.

The members of the board receive no compensation for their activities according to Article 5 (5) of the statutes. Board members may receive a proportionate reimbursement for expenses that were incurred while performing board duties. If applicable, the foundation plans to compensate program managers who work full-time at a discounted rate due to the non-profit nature of the activities performed (Annex 3). There are no more than two full-time employees acting as program managers needed to perform the educational activities specified in 4.1. Their salary will be derived from the salary levels appropriate for equivalent job positions provided by the Nationale Beroepengids, e.g. social worker in non-profit organization (Annex 2). Program managers may compensate their expenses incurred while performing work duties if approved by the board. Program managers may also request compensation in the form of benefits (e.g. skills training) if approved by the board. Members of the advisory board are not eligible for any form of compensation.

Restart Network’s board of directors is composed of: Chairwoman: Melissa Ablett, Secretary: Nick Yap and Treasurer: Job Nijs. The main responsibilities of the board as a whole are establish policy plan and updating it on a yearly basis, ensuring adherence to the organization’s policy plan, prepare and publish timely impact reports, ensuring transparency by engaging independent auditors and publishing financial reports, representing the foundation and its interests to external stakeholders.

For an overview of all our activities please refer to our program-specific website: The ONE Program. Our three year anniversary impact report as well as financial report will be released at the ONE Program graduation on May 3rd, 2019. We hope to see you there.