Peer to Peer Learning

Just like in the real world, success is dependent on teamwork. Students learn from each other and through a structured process of trial and error.

World-Class Thinkers

We put our students face-to-face with an outstanding line-up of engineers, entrepreneurs, and technologists with a contagious passion for what they do.

Gamified Curriculum

From grades to High Scores, students follow a project-based curriculum developed together with tech companies and academics.

Extreme Immersion

A transformative experience. Students work for 1000+ hours for their first 6 months, in a campus open 24/7 and surrounded by over 150 tech companies.

Coding && People Skills

We integrated DevShops in Public Speaking, Leadership and Self-Development in our curriculum. Students must test these skills in the real-world.

One World. Improve It.

Students work together with NGOs to build solutions to real problems during Impact Weeks. Our graduates share a drive to use their skills for good.