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Join The Movement:
The Crowdsourced Tech School

Fundamentally, we believe that the son or daughter of a billionaire, and the son or daughter of a Syrian refugee, should have access to the same world-class education. Restart Network is a non-profit that empowers refugees, people from low-income and minority backgrounds to start a new life through a career in the tech industry.

We run a tuition-free one year long program and guide our students to become their best selves while learning the fundamentals of web development. Our campus, at CiC Rotterdam, is surrounded by more than 120 tech companies. We rally together industry leaders to create an outstanding learning experience.

Why restart

Crowdsourced Education

We believe money should play no role in access to education and career opportunities. We make sure our students have access to world-class resources to learn and excel.

Learn by Doing

Our students spend most of their time coding. No textbooks, just hands-on experience. We make sure by graduation every student has a strong project portfolio and real-world work experience.

Successful Graduates

Coding is a valuable skill irrespective of the future plans and ambitions of our students. Our graduates will be on the right trail to become succesful members of our community.

Featured Press
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This is Restart Network
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    EUR Academic Opening 2017

    We believe the resources to make Harvard-level education available to those in need are already there in every big city in the world.

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    The Last Graduation

    The rumours are true: this was our last bootcamp graduation. Discover #RestartOne - one year that changes lives.

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    Meet The Graduates

    Listen to a short series of interviews to hear the advice of our graduates of the class of March '17 to future generations of students.

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    Restart Network 2017

    We will stop at nothing to achieve our mission: a world where grit and passion are the real drivers of success.

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    Class #0 Graduation

    What an amazing adventure this has been. Our first class of students steps into the real world more confident, prepared and ready to take on big challenges. We could not be prouder!

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    Last Week of Class

    Classes are over at Restart Network, with a two-day workshop from Facebook. It is now time to move to Project Week and code a lot until graduation!

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    This is Restart Network

    A short film. A glimpse into the past 8 weeks at Restart Network and what should you expect should you join this journey.

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    Cyber-Security aka Hacking

    Introduction to Cyber Security. How to build robust and secure applications on the web today.

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    Stop and Thank

    One of our greatest joys is being able to share the work we do at Restart with you, our community.

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    3D Printing Workshop

    If you could create anything you wanted, what would it be? Now production is democratized to our homes with 3D Printing.

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    We All Have A Dream

    Some of us want to be actors to entertain people, while others want to be doctors to help people. But who are the wizards and magicians of today's world?

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    Welcome to Rotterdam

    Sneak peek into the our first workshop "Welcome to Rotterdam". Every Friday we have exciting workshops on various topics ranging from Virtual Reality and Internet of Things, to company In-House days.

Hire from Restart Network a team member you will love.

Be part of Restart

Our Goal

Restart Network creates a path to a new life and a rewarding career for refugees and other underprivileged groups. Through Restart One we kickstart careers in technology by creating an intensive one year long technology program to teach our students the fundamentals of full stack web development.

We Need Your Help

Restart Network creates a 5-WIN situation for our community: for our students, hiring partners, the Dutch government, our city, and the team creating the program. We rely on companies and generous donors to finance the program, get in touch with Teodor if your company can hire or become a sponsor:


Start a career in tech

We live in amazing times, and one certainty the future holds is that technology will play a big part in it. Everyone can and should learn to code. At Restart One you will learn the fundamentals of web development, become self-aware, and prepare to pursue a career as a developer. If you want to kickstart your career learn more about Restart Network's One Program.


Help tackle one of our grand challenges

Restart Network was started by people who want to use their skills to solve problems in their community and beyond. We live and die by our ability to have an impact in the lives of the people who need it most.
We always look for amazing people to join us in our movement and help us share our vision with the world. If you have a cool set of skills or just a shattering will of doing things that matter, we want to meet!

Our partners - Thank You

Restart Network is a crowdsourced school.
Our students have the opportunity to learn directly from the brightest minds in the industry.

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They believed in us when Restart Network was nothing more than an idea.

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  • Rotterdam Partners
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They contributed with expertise, network, and resources that make the program possible.

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People behind Restart
Teodor Cataniciu
Chairman & Founder
Frederick Rustler
Operations & Founder
Stéphanie van der Wijk
Fundraising & Sustainability
Adam Shpilt
Program Innovation
Burcak Cabuk
Talent Scout
Telma Calçada
Chief Storyteller
Alexandru Iosup
Professor of Computer Science, TU Delft
Advisory Chair for Education
Melissa Ablett
General Manager, CIC Rotterdam
Advisory Chair for Social Impact and Innovation
Johan de Boer
Partner at Greyt
Special Advisor for Finance and Budget
Samer Abdelnour
Assistant Professor, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
Advisory Chair for Social Enterprise
Marie José Van Den Boomgaard
Liaison Manager Startups, KPN New Business
Advisory Chair for Corporate Relations
Job Nijs
Managing Director, Open-House
Advisory Chair for Entrepreneurship
Join Restart One

In order to be eligible for admission at Restart Network you must be fluent in English, have your permanent asylum in the Netherlands (if applicable) - thus, you are able to work without restrictions, and be passionately curious about technology. Full time commitment is mandatory: you should expect to put more than 60 hours a week in the program. No previous coding experience is required, we look for outstanding individuals who are willing to put extraordinary amounts of work to learn, create, and build a new life in the Netherlands.

Our application process has 4 steps: submit our online application - you will find the link on the ONE website, the button below will take you there, if you meet the basic admission criteria we will schedule an interview, in-person or online. Next, a technical interview - with no prior knowledge required, helps us better understand how you work. Finally, up to 40 finalists are invited to spend a day at our campus, and take part in a set of fun group challenges that help us make the final decision.

It is true that admission is competitive, with about 20% of applicants obtaining a spot, but at the same time you have nothing to lose if you apply. We had students who received acceptance the third or even the fourth time they applied. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Director, Fred, at

Next Restart ONE Class: January 8th 2018 till January 2019