After three years of local impact Restart Network came to an end in May 2019. Read our story in our Impact Report

We Believe In People

Restart Network is a non-profit organization on a mission to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the European tech industry through a model we call the Crowdsourced School: connecting a community to build people together. We transform the lives of students from refugee, low-income, and minority in tech backgrounds, like women, who embark on an intense one-year journey into web development and personal growth to start a career in the tech industry and have a positive impact in Europe.

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The Crowdsourced School

We believe that the resources to democratise world-class tech education are already there in hundreds of cities across the globe. Fundamentally, our model challenges an outdated idea: that it is the purpose of a single institution, the school, to educate people in a world of exponential growth. Instead, we create a stage in each community to connect hundreds of people and resources to build a school fit for our century.

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Building People Together

Companies that welcome our students for the 6-months Developer Level of the ONE Program.
These are the companies who make it possible for future students to join the ONE Program tuition-free in the spirit of the Crowdsourced School.

  • wetransfer
  • deloitte
  • picnic
  • worth
  • in10
  • rs_finance
  • Yieldr
  • iProspect
  • Ace&Tate
  • superlatief
  • ask phill
  • oxyma
  • twill
  • insyde
  • abn amro
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Code and Coding
  • stedin
  • YES!Delft

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Restart Network ONE students have the opportunity to learn directly from the brightest minds in the industry.
Engineers from these companies have recently been part of our program by hosting MasterClasses and Tech Safaris.

  • fb
  • typeform
  • Booking
  • Mendix
  • AWS
  • fb
  • bol
  • GDD
  • incentro
  • GitHub
  • base
  • The Things Network
  • ibm
  • info
  • Microsoft
  • kpn
  • TamTam

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They believed in us when Restart Network was nothing more than an idea.

  • cic
  • citylab
  • Rotterdam Partners
  • ts
  • vencaf
  • rotterdam

We started in the Netherlands, but we work to bring The Crowdsourced Tech School to communities across the world. Where next?

They contributed with expertise, network, and resources that make the program possible.

  • greyt
  • ts
  • iris
  • Holland in Arabic
  • ts
  • daphne
  • enactus
  • vrowl
  • rsm
  • lead

Can your company join Restart Network on our mission? From legal advice to PR services, we work with our partners to grow our story further.

You Have A Role To Play

Drive Social Change | Become a Developer Partner

We rally leading tech companies in the Netherlands to join our mission of Building People Together. Our partners look beyond the bottom line and seek to be a force for positive change in their community. From companies with thousands of employees to fast growing start-ups and everything in-between, our Developer Partners pioneer the path to a more inclusive industry, where true diversity is not a marketing line, but a proven commitement.

Will Your Company Lead the Way?


Become Your Best Self | The ONE Program

We live in amazing times, and one certainty the future holds is that technology will play a big part in it. In the ONE Program you will build a strong foundation as a full-stack web developer, become self-aware and develop yourself, while preparing to pursue a career in the tech industry.

But be warned: this might be the most challenging experience you have ever had, requiring your full dedication and passion to make it through. If you want to kickstart your career, build a strong network, and forge friendships over long working nights, you can learn more about Restart Network's ONE Program.


Help Tackle a Global Grand Challenge | Volunteer and Donate

Restart Network is a stage for people who want to use their skills to solve problems in their community and beyond. We always look for amazing people to help us grow our impact in the world. If you have a cool set of skills or just a shattering will of doing things that matter, we want to meet!

Every year about 100 volunteers join our team in many different roles. From Facebook engineers to university students our volunteers share a belief that diversity makes us stronger. And should it be for a few hours every month, or an immersive year-long sabbatical (did you hear about our Global CTO Program?), we promise a challenging, but very rewarding, experience.