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One Curriculum

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Learn by doing

Don't study for a job, learn because you want to leave your mark in the world.
Industry Driven Content

We work with tech companies and academics to continuously improve the curriculum and make sure it incorporates the major trends relevant in the industry today.

People Before Coders

No matter the company or industry, you will work with, and at times lead, other people. In the ONE Program we created personal development tracks to work on your communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

Become a Web Developer

HTML, PHP, MEAN.js, Full Stack Developer... If all these names ring no bell, there is no need to worry. Over 70% of our students have never coded before starting the bootcamp, and felt the same way. No prior programming knowledge is required to be successful.
Here's a simple breakdown of what you will learn.
Front End

The front end is what the users of a website see, for instance the front end of this website is displayed on your screen right now. We built this using HTML, CSS (and a tool called Bootstrap), and JavaScript (with a tool called jQuery).

Back End

The back end is the "brain" of a web application, it contains all the logic and rules the website must follow to work properly. You can write this logic in server-side languages such as PHP, and even JavaScript.


Sometimes we will build applications that store information in a database, such as products in a webshop, or users on Facebook. We will learn about database design and the SQL language, and dive into NoSQL databases with MongoDB.

From The Industry

"This is the school I wished I could go to, but it didn't exist"
- Evert Jaap Lugt, Director of YES!Delft, Founder of Nimbuzz

An Extremely Intense Experience - In The Best Possible Way!

{ 3 months }
  • An intense experience (be prepared for 1000+ hours of coding - that's over 10 hours a day), with the aim of bringing the best out of each student.
  • Master Classes from the world's biggest tech companies, and iconic tech and business guests.
  • Front End Technologies: HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery, Ajax and APIs
  • Back End Technologies: SQL, PHP, OOP, PHP MVC.
  • Version Control, Web App Deployment, Cyber Security and Agile Development.
{ 3 months }
  • Succesful Bootcampers become Guides, a period in the program where on top of coding skills, personal leadership, and self-awareness are required for success.
  • Guides take ownership over their technical growth by learning a new technology stack - MEAN.JS.
  • Guides take leadership roles in the Bootcamp, host algorithm classes, explain concepts and manage the projects and progress of the bootcampers.
  • DevShops from experts on Storytelling, People Skills, and Leadership Principles - that students must apply in the real-world.
{ 6 months }
  • Successful Guides continue their journey in the Developer stage where each one of the students is assigned to an awesome tech company, through our network.
  • All Restart Network Developer Partners are committed to support our mission and the growth of our students.
  • For 6 months students continue building their skills by being immersed in a real-world development environment, working with seasoned developers.
  • We graduate outstanding people: Restart Network ONE graduates share a PATH (Passion, Attitude, Tech-Skills, Heart)