"Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. You have a dream, fight for it." - from the Pursuit of Happyness

Deliberate Practice

In the past we had students with backgrounds ranging from literature and modern art, to engineering and mathemathics, to students who did not finish high school. We found that the best indicator of success does not depend on our students' grades, education or family background, but on the presence of something called "growth mindset". It reflects the belief that one's ability to learn is not fixed, that it can change with effort, and most importantly, that failure is not a permanent condition.

How to Apply

We have different stories, but all our students share the following:

No matter how hard it gets you find a way to reach your goal. Over and over again. We look for people who day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, work very hard towards a better future.


To us passion represents an endless genuine curiosity. With every answer, new questions come up, time passes faster, and you find yourself working late into the night - this is too important to wait for tomorrow.


The ONE Program is designed for transformative outcomes: more than finding tech jobs, our graduates share a strong sense of duty to tackle big problems. Be it solving a problem they know well, or finding their calling in the program, our graduates strive to make a difference in the world.

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Before Applying Make Sure You Understand:

(this is really important, please read carefully)

For the first 6 months in the Bootcamp and Guide Levels you will work over 60 hours a week, that's over 10 hours a day - working during weekends is common. Let us repeat this, this will be intense, we will push your limits, and in effect change your lifestyle completely. Most students expect the ONE Program to be like attending school or university. It is not. In no uncertain terms, let us make it clear this is a transformative experience of the most challenging type. An example of a successful student lifestyle is someone who will wake up at 6 AM, fit a workout before class starts at 9 AM, and then work hard until evening. Any type of part time job or extracurriculars will be close to impossible. Please do not apply if you have other commitments.

On the positive, the journey through the ONE Program is a deeply rewarding, humbling, and character building experience. We've seen bonds and friendships of the strongest type develop in those late working nights. There is no sense of competition in the ONE Program, and our students help each other succeed. Additionally there are breaks between the Levels (about four weeks long each, after the Bootcamp and Guide Level) that give you the chance to re-energize and prepare for the next level of the program. We commonly organize sport activities, yoga and meditation sessions, and social events on an almost weekly basis. We look at the ONE Program as a chance to build your potential, irrespective of your background, look ahead and develop your skills in ways you never thought possible. We are here to support you and help you grow, when it gets tough we will be there, and so will your classmates.

Note: We had students who managed Dutch classes once or twice a week, or a volunteering activity in the weekends. Anything more is taking away from your learning and growth here.

When Restart Network first started it was meant as a way to integrate refugees in our community. Since then we have decided to gradually open our doors to offer an opportunity to a better career and life to more people. The core drive remains the same: to accelerate diversity and inclusion in the European tech industry. The common profiles we award Restart Network Scholarships to:

> Refugees with permanent asylum in the Netherlands
> People of any nationality receiving Dutch Social Benefits as a direct result of unfair circumstances (see what we mean)
> Underrepresented minorities in the technology industry (example profile)
> At this moment we only accept candidates who can reach our campus in Rotterdam within 1 hour of travel and at their own expense

Note: If you are unsure about your eligibility to apply, and believe you deserve a scholarship to attend the ONE program we invite you to explain your motivation to us in a 1 minute pitch video. You can submit this pitch in the normal application process. We acknowledge that many cases of hardship or unfair circumstances do not fall into checkboxes that can be easily ticked off. As an organization we want to leave an impact on as many people as possible and are determined to create equal opportunity. The admissions team will judge the pitches on a case-by-case basis and determine whether your situation deserves a scholarship.

Upon successful completion of the three parts of the program (Bootcamp, Guide and Developer) you will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation recognizing your achievement. Please note that Restart Network is registered as a non-profit with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), and that we are not an accredited educational institute in the Netherlands. Here's why we do not seek to change that:

In the tech industry, more so than in any other industry, one's ability to deliver good work is the main driver of success, we follow the same meritocratic rhetoric. All our graduates have a strong portfolio of their work, a thorough understanding of a large array of technologies, and the work ethic and team spirit mindset that will bring value in any environment. In simple words, your future employer will hire you for what you can do, not for your diploma.

We are progressive in both teaching philosophy and worldview, and we prefer not to think about the ONE Program as a school, but rather as a transformative experience. While we are critics of formal education on many fronts, we believe we have plenty to learn from universities. We regurlarly collaborate with other schools and universities, and are proud to have an advisory board that includes prominent academic figures.

We have a rolling admission policy, that means you can apply at any point during the year and your application will be considered for the next ONE Program intake.

Everyone here at Restart Network is excited to read your application and hear your story. Our advice is to write an honest application, and never attempt to write what you believe we would like to hear. We seek to create a diverse class, with people with different perspectives and backgrounds. Please note we take integrity and honesty very seriously, a failure to back parts of your application will lead to an immediate dismissal.

The next ONE Program is scheduled to start on October 8th, 2018 and last for 12 consecutive months with breaks between the Levels.

If you share our excitement for the ONE Program and you are ready for one of the most intense and fun experiences of your life, we look forward to hearing from you.