After three years of local impact Restart Network came to an end in May 2019. Read our story in our Impact Report

Become a Developer

Be ONE who makes a difference


{ 3 months }

A transformative experience that aims to build the best version of yourself, while learning the fundamentals of web development.


{ 3 months }

Develop self-awareness and leadership skills while taking ownership over your development by learning a new technology stack.


{ 6 months }

You join a tech company to continue expanding your coding skills by working together with experienced programmers in a real-world development environment.

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step " - Lao Tzu

The Story

We work to create a world-class technology school and open it to people with grit and passion.

We may teach coding, but at the core we build people who want to make their own world better - one day at a time.

Hard Work Pays Off

In the ONE Program, students have the support and environment to push their own limits. We guide our students in the world of web development, with the goal that each one of our graduates will start a rewarding career in the tech industry. Fundamentally, we work to help our students build their potential far beyond what they think is possible.

Crowdsourced Education

Restart Network ONE has no teachers or full time faculty. Instead, every week, we put together the brightest minds in the industry to come and host hands-on Master Classes. From renowned academics to Facebook engineers, you will always learn from the best. Instead of a classroom, our campus is based at the heart of innovation in Rotterdam, surrounded by more than 100 tech companies.

One Less Barrier In The World

Too often people draw walls, rather than build bridges. We believe money should play no role in deciding someone's future opportunities, and it should definitely not stop anybody willing to work hard to become great. The ONE Program is open to people irrespective of background and financial standing.

Grit and Passion

We seek people who understand that hard work pays off, with the courage to venture into an intense journey into Computer Science. We admit people with grit - an endless strength to move forward, and passion - people who love technology and self-improvement.

Be ONE Who Builds A Better World

Become a web developer and start a career where you can make a difference.