After three years of local impact Restart Network came to an end in May 2019. Read our story in our Impact Report

Career Path

Open Your World

The ONE Program prepares students for the opportunities that lie ahead in the tech industry
Time to Reflect

Restart Network ONE is a transformative experience and the foundation of a lifelong journey. It starts here, but this is by no means a final destination.

Define Your Path

Web Developer? Yes, but think further. You develop skills and expertise beyond programming. We prepare students for the jobs and problems of tomorrow.

You may be on a discovery quest, or have a clear vision of your future, either way, we prepare you to be your best self on your path.
Career Development

We work with senior recruiters and career experts from leading Dutch universities and tech companies to help our students craft their personal story. We tailor the advice and guidance to each student's unique background.

Professional Network

From day one students meet business professionals from more than 100 tech companies around our campus. Every week, Guides volunteer and take part in Venture Cafe, Rotterdam's flagship innovation community.

One Graduate

The Restart Network story has been shared around the world. As a One graduate you have proven extraordinary amounts of effort and achievement, that will open doors to our partners, alumni network, and in our community.